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About Company

Pasari Textile, a fashion brand in manufacturing, and exporting of high-class silk and blended fabrics wear the confidence to redefine lifestyle, around the world. The ever-changing fashion and glamour world is in need of exquisite fabrics to enrich lifestyle and adore the fashion revolution.

For over three decades fashion destinations like Europe and US have stood by our exquisite silk materials and blended fabrics for outfits, up-holistic home furnishing, drapes and the other necessities. It's our principal and policy to support and pioneer the fashion uprising, and put Indian Silk on the global landscape.

The Pasari range of products includes Home Furnishings, Drapes, Cushion Covers, Tassels, Shawls, and Fabrics for Apparel of impeccable taste and quality. In the beauty of rareness it is our greatest asset. Our imaginative and innovative master craftsmen weave fabrics reflecting the rarity coupled with the unusual blend of colours and exotic embroidery.

Quality and service are those key factors of our growth, over these decades that went along parallel. The current turnover of USD 3.5 million is climbing up to three fold in the coming 5 years. “From the core of the Indian hearts, with its culture and tradition into a contemporary world of excitement and glamour…Pasari “

Quality Control

In Pasari Textile, Research and development is the focal point of its Quality Control. It focuses on the process improvement, cost control, and new product development. The palpable fact of Pasari is its perpetual endeavour to adapt its production process to escalate flexibility on the use of varied types and quality of fabrics. The state-of-the-art technology and modern equipments have made Pasari one of the leading textile manufacturer and exporter. This has let the company to embark upon the journey to the global textile landscape. The cutting-age proportion of Pasari has shaped by the by the team of in-house technical experts and designers creating the standard and customized products to cater to our customers’ need. The presence company’s own dying house allows Pasari for negligible shade variation in solid silk fabrics. Each stage of the production is monitored by the highly specialized quality control team. The company enjoys the continued patronage of the customer, for it never compromises on the quality, make and finish of the products.

Awards Recognition

Awards received by PASARI TEXTILES

There are a number of awards that this company has been recognized. There has been a consistency in its performance right from its inception. 1. Indian Silk Export Promotion Council is the nodal agency for promotion of silk exports from India. We have more than 1200 silk exporters as members. This council has recognized PASARI TEXTILES for its outstanding performance in silk exports for the following years.


The minister of commerce and industry, government of India has awarded PASARI TEXTILES with an EXPORT HOUSE status on the basis of outstanding exports.