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Silk Satin

One of the basic weaves; shiny, smooth silk, acetate, rayon, or combination of man-made fiber, woven in satin weave, and made with cotton filling. As the warp floats, it has a smooth, lustrous surface. It is used for linings of coats, jackets, facings, and ties. It is also used for draperies, upholstery, bedspreads, and sheets. Satin weave has proved so admired that various types of satin-weave fabrics have developed to address varied fashion statements.

Silk Tissue

Extremely lightweight, sheer, flat-crepe textured silk with dull and soft finish that often seen in overlays for evening gowns. It is excellent for shawls or scarves, where a floating look is desired.

Silk Georgette

It is an absolute lightweight fabric, mostly made of silk or polyester. It is slightly heavier and thicker than chiffon. The twisted crepe fibers from which silk georgette fabric is made, give it a squashy quality that appears to move on its own. While, this feature makes silk georgette fabric more difficult to sew, the results are well worth the effort.


Indian Silk

Silk in India is, as elsewhere, an item of luxury. For more than four thousand years, this cloth has been associated with crowned heads and riches throughout the different ages. As Oscar de la Renta once said "Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand".

Silk Taffeta

It is one of the oldest luxury fabrics, woven in the early part of the third century by the Persians. They called it "taftah" or "taftan". Today's it is a fine, smooth, tightly woven fabric with very fine crosswise ribs, made with a plain weave, fine warp yarns and heavier filling yarns. Taffeta looks the same on both sides and has approximately the same number of yarns in both directions. The fabric is flat, with a distinctive rustle and a dull luster. It may be soft or stiff, and vary light to medium in weight. Fabrics imitating silk taffeta are made from acetate, nylon and polyester.

Silk Organza

It is a crisp, sheer, lightweight plain weave fabric, which also may be made of rayon, nylon, or polyester. In silk, the stiffness comes from the natural gum that remains on the fibers after processing. In man-made fibers, the stiffness is engineered. In bridal gowns with an overskirt, silk organza is a beautiful choice, having just enough body to stand out yet, still move nicely. In bridal gowns that have large puffy sleeves, an interlining of silk organza will hold the shape without adding bulk. It is also used as an interfacing, where sheerness is a factor.

Silk Tweed

This is the medium to heavy weight, fluffy, woolen, twill weave fabric containing colored slubbed yarns. The common usages include coats and suits.